Is it Against the Law to Kill a Bat?

If you find the bat into your property, do not plan to kill them because they are protected by the law and can cause serious trouble for you. Anyhow, if they are causing any harm to the property, it is allowed to get rid of them, but you are advised not to get rid of them by yourself. According to the activities, they cannot be injured, trapped, and killed, so never think to do anything with them.

Most of the rat species are in danger due to white-nose syndrome. Most of the bats throughout the US died just because of this disease. This disease is caused by the fungal growth around their muzzle on wings when they hibernate in the winter. Human activities like they clean their home with a spray that can be another reason because it has destroyed their natural shelters like balcony and dark places etc.

There is no proper treatment of this disease; this is the reason species that are in danger are 90% died.

Why are bats protected? 

The basic reason is any animal or specie that is not dependent on the human is illegal to kill. The second reason is they work as pollinators. They help to transfer the pollen from one flower to the flowers; in other words, they work like bees in helping the flowers for pollination. You will be surprised to know some of the smaller rat feed on pollen and flower nectar. They are helpful to many plants because plants like mango, avocados, and guavas cannot produce seeds or fruits without pollination.

Seed dispersion

Due to urban and industrial expansion, most of the forest is threatened by deforestation. In this situation, bat help in providing the seeds as they throw them in a different place, so this process help in reforestation. In open places, birds may feel fear to fly openly because of the availability of their predators. As compared to birds, the bat is performing this task more successfully in dispersing the seeds. They are helpful in the growth of cashews figs, avocado and dates, and many other plants too.

Pest control 

Bats are also helpful in pest control as most of the bats rely on eating the insects that are harmful to the plants and fruits. You will be surprised to know they can eat more than 1000-5000 insects in one hour, either they are flying insects or available within plants or gardens. They are also helpful in eating cucumber beetles, stink bugs, earthworms, and the insects that are dangerous in eating the tomato flowers.

Although bat is helpful in many ways, sometimes they can be irritating due to their dropping and disease-causing habits, but still, they are protected by the law. Anyhow, how you find them in your attic or house does not try to remove them.

You can simply contact the bat removing company or professionals; they will help you in removing the bat safely without causing any harm to them.

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